E-learning & Digital Media

PFB has been creating learning tools for education for over 15 years. One of our main solutions is Multimedia training packages providing for Oil and Gas technical and specialized benchmarks.
As you know, Multimedia is a mixture of different forms of media. This includes text, graphics, audio, video, etc. Today, multimedia is found everywhere in educational institutes, offices, airports, railway stations, journalism, creative and entertainment industries such as TV, films, radio, etc., medicine, IT industry, research, etc. Multimedia is used as a source of information in the field of education. Pupils can research on various topics such as Physical and chemical phenomena or working mechanism of industrial equipment using different multimedia presentations. To make teaching more interesting and fun for pupils, teachers can make multimedia presentations of chapters. Visual images, animation, diagrams, etc., have more effect on pupils. Various computer-based training (CBT) courses are also available online for study.
Usually, our products are installed and run on an interactive educational skin. Users, depending on their needs, can select any section or watch and learn all sections linearly from the beginning.
To date, we have created more than 30 training packages for the oil and gas industry in Persian language with English subtitles that we can update for you and in your language.
Some of them can be displayed here:
e-learning pfb
e-learning pfb