(Dehydration, Ethane Recovery, Propane Refrigeration Cycle) Ph.20&21, SPGC

Operator training Simulator for Integrated units of 104, 105, 111

PFB has provided SPGC (South Pars Gas Complex) with many of its site specific control room operator training simulations worldwide, especially for some of its major facilities like Amine sweetening (Our first OTS product), Gas Dehydration, Ethane recovery and Refrigeration cycle in 8th refineries (Ph. 20 & 21, SPGC) over the past years.

PFB has provided JBTC (Jam Beheshti Training Center) with all its site specific control room operator training simulators on its giant virtual training project.

Also Yokogawa GUI is developed for this project (Based on SPGC CCRs).

EmployerNIGC, Iran
Created byPFB Company
Completed27 June 2022

Project progress

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