Operator training Simulator for natural gas transmission pipeline network


 Project of SS. & dynamic simulation of Iran 4th zone gas transmission pipelines (4800Km) that defined for display the dynamic simulation advantages and gas dynamic behavior prediction ability, performed by me in 2006-2009 in two levels. Lack of dispatching reports of some cities gas consumption, reduced the simulation results accuracy in first phase of project (steady state), due to gas accumulation effects (line pack).

In the second phase, for solving above problems and completion of 4th zone pipeline simulation, all of sideway gas transmission pipeline in this zone are simulated discretely in dynamic mode, and jointed to the main package at last.

Within to second phase proposal orders, simulated pipelines between compressor stations (5 compressor stations)are posited in one sub-flow sheet (box) and each of these is saved on a separated file too.

In this project, many facilities are added to package software such as, simulation of compressor station mutually, simulation of city gate stations regulators and addition an important facility for definition of any consumption pattern (polynomial).

Tubular and graphic charts for display the main results (temperature, pressure and flow) are improvised and users can change its performance.

EmployerNIGC, Iran
Created byPFB Company
Completed27 June 2022

Project progress

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